The shopkeep is the unnamed owner of Othello's Antiques, a small antique shop in the city where Yamaku Academy is located. He only appears twice in the entire game. In Lilly's route, Hisao enters his shop looking for a gift for Hanako, and also ends up buying the music box that becomes very important later in the story. In this instance, the owner never says anything to Hisao.

In Hanako's route, Lilly and Hisao visit his shop, again looking for presents for Hanako. Here, Hisao buys Hanako a vintage chess set, after bargaining a price with the shopkeep, for ¥5,500, and Lilly buys (and easily pays for without a second thought) her a rather expensive antique doll (¥20,000), after Hisao points it out to her.

Later in Hanako's route, Hisao visits Othello's once again, only this time with Hanako. Not too long after Lilly leaves for her short trip to Scotland, Hisao and Hanako go out into town, looking for something to do. Hanako requests to Hisao that she see the place where he and Lilly purchased her gifts, and they enter the antique shop. Upon seeing them walk in, the shopkeep is almost afraid Hisao came in for a return, before noticing that the person he walked in with is not who he was with last time, and makes a rather on-the-dot guess that Hanako is the one the presents were purchased for. Like many others who have just met her, the shopkeep tries his hardest not to stare at Hanako's scarring, and ends up looking away, even when talking. He tells Hanako that she's lucky to have friends that care about her so much. Hisao and Hanako browse for a little while, and then go back to Yamaku.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although it is never revealed, it's possible the shopkeep's name is Othello, given his store's name.
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