Shanghai Afternoon

The Shanghai

The Shanghai is a small café/tea shop located in the small town that Yamaku Academy belongs to. Its interior is that of a traditional Japanese tea house. It doesn't seem to get many customers, but still attracts enough people to stay in business, with it's relative proximity to Yamaku being an undoubtedly critical reason as to why it is still open. Quite a few Yamaku students visit the Shanghai, especially the girls and Hisao. Yuuko the librarian works as a waitress here when she's not at work in the Yamaku library or studying.                
Suburb shanghai

The Shanghai"s interior.



Trivia Edit

  • No matter what route is taken, the Shanghai is always visited at least once. 
  • Towards the end of Hanako's route, Hisao visits the Shanghai to study
  • The Shanghai shares its name with the Chinese city, Shanghai
  • The Shanghai's exterior is based on an IPPUDO store located in Sendai, Japan
  • The Shanghai is the only place outside of Yamaku Academy that is regularly visited. 
  • The Shanghai does not use chairs, but instead uses knee pillows that traditional Japanese tea houses use. 
  • For some reason, the Shanghai in Shizune's route has fewer customers than in any other route. 
  • The Shanghai does have another waitress other than Yuuko, she is only mentioned in Lilly's route. However, she is never seen or talked to in-game. 
  • Yuuko is a lot more confident working in the Shanghai than in Yamaku

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