"The chief of the nurse staff of Yamaku, and a surprisingly young person for someone in his position. He is a funny and jovial guy, always good for a laugh and well liked by students. Nonetheless, he has a heart of pure gold and he is very passionate and serious about his job."
— Official Description

The Nurse (ナース, Nāsu) is the head nurse of Yamaku whose name is not given. While he is friendly to most students, he can act sternly when his advice is not taken seriously or wholly. He "hired" Emi as a spy to make sure Hisao exercises properly by being a running partner for Emi. He has a close relationship with Emi that predates their time at Yamaku and frequently makes small jokes and calls her "Sunshine". The Nurse appears to have a slight disrespect for patient-doctor confidentiality as he consistently leaks information about Emi and Hisao yet at other times keeps quiet (such as when Hisao inquires into the relationship between Emi and the Track Team Captain) He cares very much about the well being of Hisao, and is constantly checking up on him to ensure his well-being.


Students Edit

Nurse (being the head nurse of Yamaku Academy) should have a relationship with every student in the school. However, the only relationship explored within the game (discounting the one between him and Hisao) is his relationship with Emi Ibarazaki, whom he has known before either of their attendance at Yamaku due to him assisting her with her post-accident physical therapy. As such he has developed a strong, informal relationship with her (possibly even becoming a father figure to her), making humorous quips at her expense all the while being concerned with her safety.

History Edit

The Nurse has a long history with Emi having assisted her with physical therapy after her accident. Therefore, they developed a close relationship. He also closely interacts with her mother: Meiko Ibarazaki.

Trivia Edit

  • Conspicuously never has his name mentioned. Two other characters have no names (the Shopkeeper and Track Team Captain). Interestingly, Hisao knows it from reading the nameplate on his door, but the player does not. Also, the nurse tells Hisao he can call him by name when they first meet.
  • The Nurse is most likely a reference to "Nurse-kun" in Damaged Goods, an epic story that ran on 4chan's /b/ from 2006-2007. The concept art for what became Katawa Shoujo was actually first posted in that thread.
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