Molly Kapur is a student in Class 3-3 seated directly in front of Hisao.  Both of her legs are prosthetic, much like Emi Ibarazaki.  However unlike Emi, her legs were amputated above the knee.  She is of Indian descent.                 

In Katawa Shoujo[edit | edit source]

Molly shows up in three CGs during the course of the game. 

She's first seen in the classroom CG.

She appears again in background of the Tanabata CG in Shizune's route.  Here she appears to be wearing a blue/green yukata with white markings.  She's accompanied by Florian. 

Molly can be seen again with Florian during the events of Hanako's good ending.  When Hanako and Hisao kiss, she looks at them and smiles. 

Molly never directly interacts with Hisao during the events of the game. 

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Molly was intended to be a main character in a separate visual novel the devs

Molly and Florian as they appear in Hanako's good ending wearing the Measuring Shadows outfits

were working on called Measuring Shadows.  Measuring Shadows was being written by A22, Shizune's writer, and the sprites were being drawn by Climatic (the artist behind Rin's paintings).  The game was set in Britain and Molly was not disabled.  One of the other main characters, a blonde man named Florian can be seen with Molly in two of her appearances in Katawa Shoujo.  

In the game, her school uniform was a gray sweater with a darker gray or black skirt and a red tie.  She also wearing black leggings with this outfit.  She can be seen wearing this in Hanako's good ending.   

The project was abandoned in 2010.  

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