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Jigoro Hakamichi is the father of Shizune Hakamichi and Hideaki Hakamichi. He wears his dark blue hair very long, as well as a Hawaiian shirt (that Hisao describes as "tacky"), and always carries a katana at his waist. He is very blunt and rude when speaking, has an overall disdain for the younger generation, and is quick to insult Hisao at every turn, such as insulting his sweater-vest. Throughout Shizune's childhood, Jigoro was very stubborn and would refuse to learn sign language in order to communicate with his daughter, instead hiring interpreters and making her communicate in writing. He often boasts about his in-progress autobiography, and constantly complains about his biographer. Jigoro's attitude comes off as being that of an abusive father, but nothing is ever mentioned to confirm this. Also, he has possibly killed a bear and eaten its liver.

His personality is deeply contrasted by his achievements however, as he was able to successfully raise two children on his own with evidently plenty of money and time to spare. In addition, at his age he is physically and mentally fit as he still actively engages in strenuous physical activity and can effectively argue with Hisao while reading.