Students in the art room

The Art club's room.

The Art Club is one of the clubs from the Yamaku Academy. It also is the one with fewer members, seven in total (eight if Hisao joins during Rin's route). The art teacher Shinichi Nomiya runs this club. He also uses the room as his office. It holds activities every Monday after classes, but it seems that sometimes students have enough freedom (or sometimes commitment) to go there during some other days.


  • Rin Tezuka.
  • Takashi Maeda, from class 3-3.
  • A blind boy, probably from class 3-2. Rin admires him in some way.
  • A blond girl who looks like (and may be) Saki Enomoto.
  • The gray-haired girl who receives Hisao when he joins. No name nor personality is given in the game, but the Shimmie reveals her name is Chiharu.
  • Two other students, a girl and a boy, but no names nor personalities are given.
  • Hisao Nakai (in Rin's route)
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