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Akira Satou (砂藤晃, Satō Akira) is the older sister of Lilly Satou. She is also Lilly's guardian in Japan, due to Lilly's parents being absent. She normally dresses in a suit. She has a very tomboyish, carefree attitude, seeming to be a foil to Lilly herself. Rather irresponsible, she made Lilly do most of the cooking while they lived together, and evidently introduced her to alcohol. It is unclear whether or not her minor addiction was the spawn of Lilly's personality, or Akira's support in her drinking. In spite of her sister's bad blood with their cousin Shizune Hakamichi, Akira seems to get along well with Shizune's similarly gender-confusable younger brother, Hideaki Hakamichi. She also has a boyfriend whom she is really fond of but never makes an appearance in the game. 

Relations with her parents[]

She resents her parents because she feels that they were ashamed of Lilly's blindness. She felt that her parents moved overseas in order to hide Lilly away to keep up their affluent appearances (as having a blind daughter might be shameful). According to her, Yamaku Academy was "an isolated hideaway for those 'proper society' doesn't want to see nor hear".  


  • Many fan works give Akira's birthday as May 18th, however this is not canon. This comes from a short exchange in the "Ask!" Topic of the forum. When Aura said they hadn't decided what Akira's birthday was and didn't care what birthday Akira was given in fanworks.
  • Akira was 19, seven years older than Lilly, when her parents moved from Japan and left her in charge of her sister.
  • Her vehicle of choice is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (year unstated).
  • Akira, despite being present in the leaked beta, seems to have not been finalized at that point:
    • Her androgyny is played up a fair deal more; Hisao actually refers to her as Lilly's brother before being promptly corrected.
    • Her age seems to have been unsettled by that stage, as in Lilly's route it's stated that she's 22, whereas in Hanako's 'true' route, she's stated as being the younger sibling. In spite of this, she's seen drinking in her only appearance in this route.